Weekender Cleaning

Relax on the sofa as soon as you arrive. We will prepare it for you.

I just want to relax on my holiday…

Why do I have to spend my whole day cleaning on my Holiday…?

I just don’t have enough time before going back home.

I love the nature but hate creepy crawlies.

Enjoy your HOLIDAY by organising arrival/departure cleaning.
・ Wet areas, windows, creepy crawlies will be cleaned.
・ Linen dry cleaning and bed making can be organised.
・ You can just leave without cleaning!
・ We can pick up the keys from the security office/managing company.


1 Hour $50 (Inc GST) with a minimum 4 hours order
*2-3 cleaners in one team, so it can be cleaned in shorter time!

(Example of 4 hours work)
Cost $50 x 4hours = $200 (Inc GST)
Time 2 cleaners x 120mins = 4 hours
3 cleaners x 80mins = 4 hours
4 cleaners x 60 mins = 4 hours
FCS reserves right to determine the number of cleaners per job



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